We’re excited to meet you on the tranquil island of WITH, a sweet mobile game where you can escape from reality and enter a fantasy world. WITH

Wiz made a dramatic emergency landing on the back of a flying whale while riding a dandelion seed.
Wiz accidentally runs into the Whale.
They establish their own therapeutic environment together.

No more worry! A soothing idle game full of fantasy! Gold and hearts will be automatically gathered over time. How simple it is
The pressure is off! Leave your cares behind and take in the Wiz’s leisurely daily routine while listening to relaxing BGM. Create your own distinctive Wiz by selecting from a variety of skin tones, outfits, shoes, luggage, and other accessories.

Even a name can be given to them!
For an additional dose of cuteness, check out Wiz in his rabbit costume. The whale and Wiz get along well together.
Try giving Wiz’s food to the whale to feed it!
The whale will console you with a word each day that will warm your heart.
When you’re sick of your regular life and need some comfort, hearing the whale’s soothing remarks can be a truly restorative experience. There are numerous animals coexisting on top of the whale in the fantastical setting!
So that Wiz isn’t bored, make pals for him and his animals. Also rising is the level of affection!
Enjoy the appeal of little, adorable pets. Enjoy the calming ASMR sounds of the adorable Wiz and unwind.

Whale in the high Hack Tool

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